The White One, who was able to jump over squares, flip from right to left to evade the circles and climb up and down from the ceiling to pass the triangles, got split into the Red, Green and Blue Fragment by the glitch. Now you have to control the three Fragments separately, each with its own unique movement. Try to get through the nine levels to reunion them and become White again! Challenge yourself in this fast paced Multitasking-Platform-Game.

The game is controlled only with the mouse. !! Mac Users - Mac by default inverts the scroll direction and does something like scroll speed acceleration. This destroys the controls !! sry for that...

The game was created for the module 'Practical Project' at the Harz University of Applied Sciences in 2019 by Tabea Bratzke.


Download 27 MB

Install instructions

You need a mouse (only a mouse) with a scroll wheel to play this game :)

In Browser: Because you jump with the middle Mouse Button (Clicking the Wheel), it can happen that you have to click twice to trigger the wanted effect. Better download it! :)

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