Life is made up of choices. These decisions define our personality. Our personality contributes to our lifestyle. Is it important to you to have a lot of money and to live in wealth? Do you want to be happy with your family or do you want to live freely and independently in nature?

Make your decisions about activities and things that are important to you. Bring to your house what makes this place your home. You can explore the world by navigating with arrow keys. Alternatively, you can play with a joystick.
The activities and things are defined by icons you can pick up. Walk over them and wait a moment to pick it up.
Note that you have limited space in your inventory! When your inventory is full, bring back your collected items to your house. Always have a look at your age. The game is over when your life ends.

The game was created during the GlobalGameJam 2019.


Kajetan von Hollen - Programming

Tabea Bratzke - Hardware, Speaker, UI Art, Game Design

Erik Masson - 3D Art, Sounds

Maria Mendat - Texting, 3D Art, Sounds, Game Design

Hülya Bozkurt - Map Design

Font: honeybutter Madelina by Amar Lettering (

Sounds: imphenzia sound library

Music: dinner for two - sybs (Youtube - Creator Studio)

unicorn heads - whirlwind_love: (Youtube - Creator Studio)


Download 52 MB

Install instructions

Just play it in your browser or download it for Windows. You need the arrow keys or a gamepad to play it.

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